and strategic


Study, design and project management

With experience and market intelligence, we study, enable and manage complex projects. In this way, we guarantee the sustainability of our clients’ businesses, with effective analysis and models, which provide greater flexibility and a significant reduction in CAPEX.
Pesquisas de mercado (go to market)

Market research
(go to market)

Estudos de mercado e projeção de demanda

Market studies
and demand projection

Estudos ambientais

Environmental studies

Estudos completos de viabilidade (EVTAs)

Complete Feasibility Studies (EVTAs)

Estudos e soluções de engenharia conceitual

Conceptual engineering studies and solutions

Modelagem econômico-financeira

Economic-financial modeling

Modelagem e simulações operacionais

Modeling and operational simulations

Due diligence de projetos diversos

Due diligence of various projects

Gerenciamento de projetos (PMO)

Project Management Office (PMO)